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H2O is an experimental short film produced and shot in the Puy de Dôme, region of France.

Synopsis: Huge waves of clouds wash over Auvergne mountains, marking the beginning of our story, the story of water,
whose cycle is no longer a long, quiet river.

  • Director : Alexis Jeannot

  • Music : Héloïse Schippers

  • Genre : experimental short film

  • Year of release : 2024

  • Running time : 9'19''

  • Country of production : France and Belgium 

  • France Production : Gagus Productions

  • Belgium Production : Sous le Sapin ASBL

  • Dialogue language: no dialogue

  • Cinematography : digital (DSLR camera)

  • Projection media : DCP, MPEG-4 H264, Apple ProRes422 HQ/LQ, 2048*858 Scope, 25fps, stereo

Broadcasts and festivals selections:

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