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Alexis Jeannot

It was in my teens, when I was still a sulky young fool. Me, My brother and parents had set off on the trail of the Kungsleden, a long trek that crosses Lapland from south to north. Let's be honest, back then, hiking wasn't exactly my first passion... 

One morning, when it was barely 6 a.m., I was awakened by a strange noise. All around me, everyone was asleep, and our bivouac was dormant. I extricate myself from my sleeping bag and unzip the tent. Clumsily, I poke my head through the door and observe the source of the hubbub. And then I got the surprise of my life: Santa Claus had just knocked on my tent!  A huge herd of reindeer had decided to keep us company. Unable to share this emotional moment, I discreetly reached for the small camcorder I'd just received for my birthday.  I was going to immortalize the first scene of the rest of my life. From that day on, I always knew that video would be an integral part of my daily life.

The years have gone by, and today I'm putting my dual training (Master's degree in Environmental Chemistry and a video-making diploma from the Agnès Varda School) to good use in my various projects with Gagus Productions. Although my favorite fields are environmental sciences, culture and sport, I love discovering new subjects and immersing myself body and soul in unfamiliar themes.

Depending on the size and needs of each project, I collaborate with professionals I meet while shooting, with whom I share the same passion for the 7th art.  Each brings his or her own skills: sound recording, visual effects, computer graphics, cookie recipes...

We have worked together

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